>> About Schemdrick

Where did Schemdrick come from? What is it and why is it the way it is? These are very hard questions to answer...

The Magical Space Pirate Wizard Schemdrick the Zombie Hunter... Sure it sounds stupid and long. I know this. I made it up one night in 2006 to make conversation with a couple of friends of mine on online messengers, until I realized how silly it sounded, such as "Schemdrick steals from the evil orphans to give to the poor defenceless rich fat guys!" and "They were going to make 55 episodes, but they got such bad reviews on the first 2 episodes, so they cut down the budget dramatically, making it only 5 episodes." (even though the reviews of the first two episodes of the old version were quite good... And 3 episodes in, I realised that there's no way I could conclude this in 2 more episodes from what I had in mind, so an anonymous donater saved us, but since it's all non-profitable, it was given away to charities) So I thought I'd better make it just for the fun of it. I asked those friends for little ideas and used every single one, which is why it seems so original... Or awkward... Whichever...

Those ideas consisted of:

The muffin man had to be in it

Jen (Janelle Baril's character) had to be in it

A spaceship that looked like cheese had to be in it

The main character fights with music

I began production immediately and everone involved seemed to get bigger kicks out of it then I did making it. This was my fuel to continue making it. After about 20 episodes or so, I regreted not putting more effort in the quality then the quantity, but it was far too late. The old site can be found here

Now that it is 2010 and much has happened in my life and the world. I decided to re-make it! It will be longer, more action packed and all around like a bucket of happy faces! If things go well, I may clean it up more and publish it in books. Hope you enjoy it and feel free to give me feedback.

sign, Johnathan Hatton aka Mandalorianjedi